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FAQs is a new age "NoCode" modern tech platform to enable
  • Sellers (commerce products)
  • Small & Medium Business
  • Artists (painters, writers, photographers etc.)
  • Teachers
  • Tourism Operators
  • Agents
  • Re-sellers
  • Restaurants
  • Shops
  • & more...

to be able to go digital and sell their products or services globally. At the same time build their community & engage with their users in a very easy to use platform which empowers them to compete with marketplaces. is not free. We have a 30 day trial period post which 1 yr basic package is priced minimal Rs 1000 / yr but with per transaction commission of 8%. We then have premium & VIP packages which are priced higher but has lots of advanced features.

For any one who is looking to sell something online or build community, identyti is useful for them. Our platform is geared to help small entreprenurs to make money through digital channels. Yes, there are social media channels, but then its important to have your own brand and destination.

Yes, we have multiple payment gateway like Razorpay, Stripe, Paypal integrated. Depending on the performance of each of these gateways & currency involved, we automatically select the best one at the time of payment collection.

Yes. 8% (Basic), 6% (Starter) and 4% (Premium), these charges includes payment gateway chanrges which is anywhere between 2%- 3% (depending on domestic or international transaction)

Yes, we do. We have dedicated team to help you with:

  • Understanding features
  • Technical Issue

You can always reach out to or give us a call on +91 74834 78311 for assistance.

Basic package (which is free for 1st year) comes with jut one inbuilt template. For starter and premium, we provide more design options. We are also working on do-it-yourself design technology, which then allow you to create your own designs.

GDS means global distribution system. The whole seller (atleast the small and medium ones) community struggles to get discovered and sell more. Only way is to run ads. Distribution is a huge challenge. This is where we have built the worlds first GDS which will allow you to sell your product or anything through anyone else in the world. We have tied up with few marketplaces, indivual bloggers, website owners can fetch relevant product and sell it through themselves.

In terms of usage fee NOTHING. This feature is build to encourage global selling of products etc. seamlessly and encourage MSMEs & help them grow.

Yes. An AFFILIATE fee. Or a cost to sell. It is <10% (depending on category to category). If you product or service is sold by someone else, 10% (or lower) affiliate / selling fee will be deducted. A part of this will go to identyti and a part of it will go to the seller.

Yes, absolutely. This is why GDS was built to support both ways. While it helps you sell your product more, it also helps you sell relevant products on your website / portal and make additional money.

Yes, you are welcome. While we will sad about it but we provide the entire dump of your own data which you can then use in any other platform. Please mail for this request.

We are building extensive network which will ensure that your products or events gets distributed and discovered well. In addition to this, we run ads and have retargeting ads available on our own marketplaces, thus giving you discovery. Apart from this, you can run your own marketing campaigns to promote.

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Our job is to simplify your life, build your brand & help you make more money.

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